Who Are The Coaches

MindFreeks is a multi-faceted international community of like-minded members who are particularly invested in self-development. Amongst them, we have a large variety of coaches coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They collaborate with each other and bring everyone together to grow individually and as a community. They constantly sharpen their knowledge, learn new techniques and provide more value to each other every day.

This collaborative effort eliminates competition and encourages coaches to work together for the benefit of all. Everyone can experience the impact of such richness in value through our range of unique collaborative services, as well as more typical one-to-one sessions.

MindFreeks Artwork by Stefania Alba-Nova

By becoming a MindFreeks member, you will have the opportunity to connect with coaches as well as other members of the community. If you’re interested in becoming a MindFreek or a MindCoach, join us now!


Our Directory

In MindFreeks, coaches have the freedom to opt-in or out of our open directory. Out of the 0 aficionados that compose our ever-growing community, you will find below the coaches that are happy to be contacted directly. The community doesn’t stop here, they represent your first access to MindFreeks, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. On their page, you will find their full profile as well as transparent and real-time statistics about their activity in MindFreeks: when they joined, their online activity, the number of events they hosted and attended, the number of hours they coached and more.