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Are you looking for like-minded people to share your knowledge, discuss self-development themes, exchange tools and sharpen your skills? Whether you are a coach, curious about self-development, or on a new path to self-discovery, we welcome you onboard! MindFreeks community is always expanding and the more we are, the more diverse, cultured and wiser we get.


Also interested in hosting events and focusing on your coaching skills with practice triads and other challenging techniques? Stay longer with us and become a MindCoach.



Become A MindFreek

The first step into the MindFreeks community is to become a MindFreek. Anyone interested in self-development can become a MindFreek. We have designed a space where everyone can mutually benefit through shared growth and collaboration, and as such we do not charge to become a member. Amongst many other benefits to come, ALL MindFreeks members have already access to these unique features:

Learn from other members’ workshops and other self-development events. Discover and discuss new types of practice and theories. Improve your understanding of your own practice by inviting more tools and techniques. How you appear in these events is up to you. You can decide to be a silent listener or an active participant, you will be welcome with open arms. A weekly newsletter is sent (optional) every Saturday to let you know about the upcoming events scheduled for the week ahead.

Connect with MindCoaches, our MindFreeks coaches on the platform, who have opted to offer pro-bono coaching sessions to the community. Write reviews for MindCoaches to acknowledge their talents, they will transparently be appearing on their online directory profile.

Some MindCoach-specific events are also open to MindFreeks volunteers where more advanced methods of coaching are being used. Keep an eye on the agenda for those little gems.

Everyone on the platform is actively interested in self-development. Feel free to connect with any member to build up your own network of MindFreeks.

Join weekly community-building events to learn more about your peers. Members’ spotlight, discussions around labels and concepts and other relaxed events are examples of constructive network connection you will find.

MindFreeks have different centres of interest and as such, we developed multiple possible pathways. For now, we have different skill trees where MindFreeks can develop their abilities:

  • The Coaching Expert
  • The Public Speaker
  • The Philosopher
  • The First Responder

As you progress in your MindFreeks journey, you will unlock Achievements that will count for one or more of these pathways. These achievements will also be visible to others so that you can recognise members who have the same interests as you, even enter friendly competitions with them.

MindFreeks Hive uses Karma Points to indicate your overall progression on the platform. It also helps you identify who has been very active on the platform if you wish to connect with them.

Interact with other members with through 6 main discussion forums: Connection, Suggestion, Walking-The-Talk, Exploration, Support, Business.

Join our Discord server and gather in virtual rooms of up to 25 people at the same time with no time limit. Connect with other members in one-to-one, partner-up and create your own groups. Discord is also directly integrated into our platform dashboard where channels could be read without the need to create an account.

In addition, we also have a dedicated MindFreeks Hive Facebook group that you can join to discuss your choice of self-development topics.

Show what you have to offer, what are your passions and how you could help other members and discover what the rest of the community has to offer. Discover affinities that go beyond the realm of self-development.

Whether you want to focus on learning how to give workshops, increase your public speaking skills, run group sessions or boost your professional practice, MindFreeks offer tailored packages to suit your needs.



Become A MindCoach

MindCoaches are committed MindFreeks members who want to go the extra mile in their self-development and coaching journey for themselves and others. By accruing a presence within the MindFreeks community platform, MindCoaches will have the opportunity to access, in addition to all the MindFreeks benefits, the following exclusive content:

Group practice sessions focus on different aspects of coaching. We run events in different forms: triads, quick cycle laser coaching, group coaching and other experimental approaches. We also explore and work with different organisation markers, like the ICF accreditation markers for instance.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced coach, come and join the practice sessions to work on client focus, empathy, humility, open-mindedness. Challenge yourself and get feedback from others and improve your own practice. And don’t forget to cumulate all these coaching hours towards your own accreditation organisation.

Exchange coaching sessions with other MindCoaches to discover their coaching style. Get feedback about your coaching impact in return. Find members and create supervision groups together. Cumulate all these coaching hours towards your own accreditation organisation.

Access to events dedicated to coaching practices: case studies, group discussions and practice of new techniques, business-building masterminds and more.

The calendar is yours. Use our Discord server or any other external platform of your choice to host your events. Get immediate feedback through Google forms that are automatically processed by the platform. You can also charge for your events (payment not processed by MindFreeks) as you see pleased.

Track and follow your clients progress through MindFreeks integrated client management tool. Take notes of every session and use the dedicated search engine to find any content through all your notes. Export your client sessions in PDF file to work offline. Keep track of the time you spend and the money you earn, either per session or per contract and packages of sessions. Sort your clients and sessions by using custom colour codes and ratings. Get statistics about your average sessions, the amount of coaching time you have accumulated, and your income trends.

Benefit from the online booking system integrated to MindFreeks website. Directly interfaced with your Google Calendar to consider your availability, clients can book, reschedule and cancel sessions with ease. Clients receive your Zoom contact details automatically. Fully automated with automatic session reminders to the coach and the client.

Connect with other members and participate in collaborative efforts to build up solutions and services. Use the marketing power of the MindFreeks community to access new clients and team up with other members to deliver high-quality events.

Connect with experienced coaches to benefit from one-to-one supervision, coaching support and accountability.

Use your online MindFreeks profile to show your clients your ability to walk the talk. Introduce yourself in a video, describe your services and show your activity transparently as the platform extracts automatically your participation statistics and peer reviews. A booking link is directly accessible from your profile and connect with your online booking system.

Offer coaching sessions to other MindFreeks and receive reviews in exchange. They will be displayed in the Hive and available on your public profile too. Give reviews in return to acknowledge other MindCoaches’ talents and increase your networking within the Hive.

Get your own personal MindFreeks email address (real mailbox or forwarder, the choice is yours). Keep safe from spamming while allowing all your potential new clients to contact you without exposing your real email address.

Do you still have questions about our community?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to have a chat with you.