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Initial Programme: 4 coaching sessions.

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How does it work?

The Sherpa is your personal guide of self-discovery and growth. With his extensive knowledge of MindFreeks coaches and services, he accompanies you, helps you organise your sessions and constantly re-evaluates with you where you are on your path to your goals. In other words, he focuses you to maximise your coaching journey.

After discussing your needs and helping you clarify your goals, he will put you in contact with the coaches most suited to address your concerns. In between coaching sessions, he will help you reflect and synthesise your coaching conversations, keep you accountable and assess with you your progress towards your ultimate goals to ensure you stay on track with your objectives. Along the way, he may invite you to experience other solutions that you may benefit from to expand your toolset and reach your goals faster.

Main benefits:

  • Your Sherpa accompanies you every step of your journey.

  • You meet the best coaches suited to address your concerns. The latter may evolve in your journey, and your Sherpa is here to adapt your journey accordingly.

  • You are in control of your journey. It can be stopped, paused, resumed at any time with a highly flexible approach.


Once you have signed up using the form above, you will receive an email asking to confirm your registration. Once confirmed, shortly after you will receive an email to let you know which coach has been assigned to you as your guide for your Sherpa Experience. You will then be invited to book a short 15-minute exploration call with your sherpa which will be the beginning of your personal coaching journey.

Is it for me?

Such a coaching journey is ideal for clients who are facing multiple obstacles to reach their goals. It may be mid-term or long-term goals or a situation that may be complex to address, with multiple levels of interpretations. Sherpas are here to guide your best interest, and the first conversation will be to assess your situation; so that if you seem best suited for another approach, you may be advised one of our other services or one-to-one sessions.

How much does it cost?

Sherpa packages are by nature flexible and evolve with your needs. A point system is in place in the forms of credits that are spent when booking appointments with your coaches and other solutions. But you don’t have to worry about that for now.

By signing up now, enjoy a free package with unlimited points until the end of February 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Until the end of the year 2020, this service remains free. In 2021, our pricing strategy will be revised. So come and grab your Sherpa Experience now!

Your contact details are only shared with your Sherpa. The coaches you will be meeting will receive your details only when you will book with them.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously at MindFreeks. As this is a coaching journey where your Sherpa organises sessions for you, a minimal amount of information is shared between your Sherpa and the coaches you will meet. The information exchanged is strictly limited to the “objective of the session”  that is passed from your Sherpa to your coach, and from your coach to your Sherpa: whether this objective has been achieved at the end of the session. No other details are discussed in the process.

Along your journey, your Sherpa will invite you to contact the best coaches suited to address your concerns. He will direct you to their profile page on the website so you can have a look at who they are before booking them by using the booking link on that same page. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable to connect with one of the coaches, let your Sherpa know so that another coach could be suggested to you.

It is a personal choice for the client. If you want to go back and assess the conversation and reflect on it later, you can request that any coach record the session.

You can always contact for any inquiry, request or clarification. Our team will get back to you at the soonest opportunity.

You can cancel a session 72 hours before the session starts without any penalty. If you cancel it less than 72 hours before, you will lose the credits allocated for this session.

We all know that emergencies happen every once in a while and any session can be rebooked. However, not being able to make it on the day of the event, makes you lose the credits allocated for that specific session.

Please send an email to to explain the situation. You will be recontacted promptly.

Your Sherpa is here to respond to any questions you may have, not only about your coaching journey but also about any administration concerns. Don’t hesitate to ask him about how to extend your Sherpa experience journey and they will be happy to help you.

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