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The following MindFreeks members have opted in to participate in the Pro Bono lottery. They will regularly allocate a certain amount of time to support clients, free of charge and at random, who have signed up to use this service.

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How does it work?

No Catches, none! Just focused on you, no charge!

Our coaches have volunteered their time to support the community with complimentary (free) coaching.


  • Your coach will contact you by email to arrange your first meeting and explain how the sessions will be conducted.

  • Your coach may send you a form or workbook via email to complete and send back prior to the session.

  • No fees shall be charged. These pro bono sessions are coaching sessions and those involved hold no liability for any acts or outcomes.

  • The number of free sessions may vary and will be entirely at the discretion of your coach. To avoid any disappointment, this shall be discussed during your first meeting with your coach.

  • Sessions are expected to last for 60 minutes (unless otherwise agreed with your coach).

  • All sessions are conducted via Zoom or Skype, they will NOT be conducted face-to-face.

  • MindFreeks bears no responsibility or liability in connecting coaches with clients. MindFreeks strongly emphasises safe practice from all its members. They, unless otherwise qualified, do not prescribe (including diets), diagnose or treat. Coaches do not make claims about healing, curing or treating.

  • MindFreeks will not use your details to inappropriately market to you. We do not sell nor share details with third parties.

Read the Terms & Conditions of this service.


After filling the form above you will receive a confirmation email. Once chosen, you will receive the contact details of the helper randomly chosen to coach you, upon which they will contact you to arrange a suitable time and details of the appointment/connection.

After the connection, you will be offered the opportunity to provide feedback/ a review. 

You will have the opportunity to maintain contact with your coach for further services in accordance with their services offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Coaches that participate in this service have committed to offering complimentary sessions in their spare time. The number of free sessions you will get will be agreed between you and your coach during your first conversation. Sometimes, one session is enough to get the clarity you want, sometimes more sessions are required. It will be entirely up to you and your coach to decide.

Your contact details will only be shared with your coach. No one else within or outside MindFreeks community will have access to them. This includes the feedback form you may decide to send at the end of your sessions, where your name will not be shared.

It is a personal choice for the client. Some people wish to go back and assess or reflect on the conversation later. If you feel this will help, you can request that the session be recorded. However, if you feel uncomfortable recording the session then no recording will be done. 

No. You will not have access to this information in advance, nor will your coach have access to your details and information before contact is established between the two of you. This is a lottery as much for you as it is for the coach.

You can always contact for any inquiry, request or clarification. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We all know that emergencies happen every once in a while. However, not being able to make it on the day of the event, makes you lose the opportunity to apply to take part in the Pro Bono lottery for a grace period of 30 days, allowing others to participate.

You can cancel the session 72 hours before the session starts without any penalty. You can decide to register again, in which case you will have to wait for the usual grace period of 30 days to have a chance to be picked again.

You can always sign up to participate again by putting your name in the lottery. There is, however, a grace period of 30 days during which priority will be given to others who haven’t yet had the chance to participate.

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