Killer Orbit

Full Experience for €390

1 client, 3-4 coaches to revolve around.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Killer Orbit Teaser

Watch this teaser video to get an idea of what is happening during a real session. This real session with 4 coaches and one client was filmed in July 2020, the client has been edited out to respect their privacy.

How does it work?

The Killer Orbit is a real coaching experience with an original twist.

In this experience, you will meet a small group of coaches with unique coaching styles who will take turns to coach you. To start with, you will be invited to talk about something you have on your mind, so everyone has clarity about the objective of the session. This team of hand-picked coaches will then take it in turns to ask you questions, to help with your presenting concern/issue. To wrap up your session, coaches will invite you to reflect on your session, making sure you know where to go from there.
The coaches participating in the session are experienced in collaborating with each other and have worked together on many occasions. They do all maintain their own personal style, but as a collective, they come together for the benefit of you, the client.

Main benefits:

  • You meet a diverse group of coaches with unique coaching styles.

  • You, as the client, lead the conversation. The coaches work together, collaboratively to shine a light from different angles. No leading or bias from the coaches.

  • You have the opportunity at any point after the session to contact any of the participating coaches on your own terms. They will not have your contact details, you’re the one who can decide.


Once you have signed up using the form above, you will receive an email asking to confirm your registration. Once confirmed, shortly after you will receive an email to let you know which coach has been assigned to you as your guide for your Killer Orbit Experience. You will then be invited to book a short 15-minute exploration call with your guide so that the best coaches can be handpicked for your experience. The date for your Killer Orbit session will be also be agreed during this call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Until the end of the year 2020, this service remains free. In 2021, our pricing strategy will be revised. So come and grab your experience now!

Your contact details will not be shared with any member of the community or anyone else. The information you provide helps us to ensure you have the best experience possible. This is up to you to contact the members you would like to get in contact at any point before or after the session.

You can go to each member’s page, there you can contact them with any of the contact links they have provided: Email, Facebook or LinkedIn for instance.

It is a personal choice for the client. If you feel uncomfortable recording the session then no recording will be done. If you want to go back and assess the conversation and reflect on it later, you can request that the session be recorded.

Yes. There is a criteria for coaches to attend the group sessions and the client will be informed about the potential participants beforehand. Who exactly will attend your event may vary until the last minute.

You can always contact for any inquiry, request or clarification. Our team will get back to you at the soonest.

We all know that emergencies happen every once in a while. However, not being able to make it on the day of the event, makes you lose the opportunity to apply for the lottery or pro bono sessions for 30 days allowing others to participate.

You can cancel the session 72 hours before the session starts without any penalty. You can decide to register again, in which case you will have to wait for the usual grace period of 30 days to have a chance to be picked up again.

You will be recontacted as soon as possible to let you know your options. It could then be rescheduled to another date or exchanged with another event of the same type (pro-bono one-to-one for instance).

You can always participate again by putting your name in the lottery. There is however a grace period of 30 days during which priority will be given to others who haven’t got a chance to participate yet.

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