About Us


Our Purpose

We are a small startup of coaches founded in 2020 who dedicate their time to make MindFreeks the most impactful platform for self-development.

MindFreeks is a collaborative platform where like-minded coaches have created an authentic space to grow together and support others, ensuring the best experience for all. Our members benefit directly from that collaboration through unique and original experiences and services. Every member can be present as little or as much as they like to take their journey at their own pace. The more we grow the more there will be to access.

To better serve our interests, we have developed our own online platform, allowing us to use cutting-edge technologies to provide bespoke statistics and development tools with a laser focus on collaboration, self-development and self-growth.

Our commitment:

  • To offer an innovative community experience based on collaborative efforts towards self-development.

  • To connect coaches, practitioners and everyone invested in self-development together in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • To offer coaches innovative and efficient ways of practising their art and growing their network of coaching peers and clients.


Our Structure

MindFreeks is a community where any coach has the opportunity to step up and take the role they want and for others to benefit and grow together from this initiative. Since its creation, the community as a whole has been actively driving the project forward, attracting new members and shaping MindFreeks as it evolves.


Thomas Eskenazi

MindFreeks Founder and Director

After more than 20 years as an IT Engineer, 4 years of travelling, rethinking and reshaping myself through many life-changing experiences, I discovered coaching in 2019. A few months and clients later, I decided to create a platform where coaches could really “walk the talk”. Where business and money were not the main incentives. Where competition is observed from a place of growth. Where people collaborate with each other, can be authentic and show their abilities in the most transparent and honest way possible. Idealistic? Perhaps… Since then, many have joined from all over the world to share MindFreeks’ vision and its positive impact has been reaching more and more members every day.


  • Business Manager, Vision & Team Lead

  • IT & Web Design

  • Life Coaching

  • MindFreeks Platform Guardian

Michelle Wiseman

Mindfreeks Community Manager and Life Coach Practitioner

My background is in training, management and English Language teaching. After some life-altering experiences, and challenging times, change was needed. So, almost 5 years ago now I embarked on a journey of change through personal development, this led me to the Academy of Modern applied psychology, where I studied and practised many of the modern applied psychologies including; Life Coaching, Mindfulness, NLP, and CBT and Counselling. During this journey, I met and had the privilege of working and training with some amazing human beings. The idea, creation and now reality of MindFreeks came through these connections and collaborative effort.

In MindFreeks now, I help support our vision through community engagement and communication. Nurture what is important for us all, bridging internal and external connections, embracing growth and change as we evolve together as a collective, where we are building trust, where we are honest, authentic and supportive, where we all act with personal responsibility and empowerment for the good of all. As we evolve and grow, in alignment with our purpose to collaboratively provide the best experience for everyone, it is paramount that our focus is we, not I, and that together we create a culture of transparency, encouragement, creativity, and innovation.


  • Community manager

  • Life Coach and English Language Coach

  • MindFreeks Platform Guardian


Our Values

Our values are our guiding principles. They map out the journey inline with our vision. We understand the importance of having a clear view of our personal and collective values. Together we have defined the most important guiding principles that shape our culture at MindFreeks.


Our History

September 2021

MindFreeks Instagram and Facebook Page are now active to invite more people to benefit from our platform. New terms are also embraced: anyone on the platform is a MindFreek while coaching-focused members become MindCoaches. Tulli, our bespoke online platform becomes The Hive.

July 2021

Our First Anniversary and Grand Opening to the General Public. MindFreeks is not reserved to coaches anymore, but open to anyone interested in self-development, hence maximizing the positive impact that all MindFreeks coaches can offer.

March 2021

Development of mentorship programmes, training series and other business strategies.

January 2021

One-on-ones with all the members in the community to discuss ways of improving MindFreeks and discuss the next steps. Development of a new model of operation based on focus groups.

December 2020

Activation of the role of MindFreeks guardians to maintain follow-up and engagement inside the community.

November 2020

Our first startup client. Development and delivery of our flagship killer-orbit coaching sessions and a leadership bespoke programme based on the world of VUCA.

September 2020

In addition to our bespoke connection platform renamed Tulli, our mindfreeks.com website is now online for the benefits of all our clients. Development of new practice models destined to be offered to MindFreeks external clients: Pro Bono Coaching Lottery, Killer Orbit, Sherpa Journey, Group Coaching and more.

August 2020

Our online platform is now hosting an event management mechanism where everyone can host, follow up their participation statistics and gather feedback. This is also the birth of our discussion forum, as well as inspiration spaces.

July 2020

Birth of MindFreeks. A first version of our bespoke online platform is born, offering mainly CRM tools supporting session tracking, search engine, statistic follow-up (coaching hours) and client contract management.

Interested in joining MindFreeks?

If everything you read here resonates with you and you feel that you can be part of our community, we would love to connect and explore ways in which we could collaborate.