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Rika Cossey

Coach | Writer | Speaker | Trainer for climate-conscious change


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  • Life Coaching
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  • Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Life Coach
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    Coach | Writer | Speaker | Trainer for climate-conscious change

    Rika Cossey


    Member since: 28th July 2020

    Last online: 25th November 2022

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    • Clients helped: 7

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    My name is Rika, I'm a tree hugger and modern hippy and I love what I do. I grew up in Germany and I've lived in six different countries over the past twenty years. Now I've settled in Sweden.

    If you were to ask me at a party about what I think is wrong in the world, I would tell you that as a species we have lost our connection to our natural environment. This lost connection is costing us more than we really want to admit.

    ​I have spent most of my adult life at university, gaining 2.5 degrees in social and environmental sciences. I love the idea of contributing to knowledge on an academic level. During my last years, however, I started seeing a stark gap: my life in reality and my life how it should be lived according to my studies. Was I being true to what I really believed in academically?

    ​That was the moment I began to 'walk the talk'.

    ​I started blogging about practical sustainable living ideas. I wanted to inspire and give ideas on how life can also be lived. My blog has since sparked conversations I never thought I would have because they involve very personal areas of our lives.​

    ​In 2018, with my husband and our two kids in tow, I took matters into my own hands and decided to move into a tiny house on wheels. We reduced our belongings by 2/3 and now live on 40 m², grow our own vegetables and raise our own meat.

    In 2019, I completed my training as a mindfulness practitioner, life coach, counsellor, and NLP practitioner. To this day, I continue to grow and develop my skills. I am particularly interested in environmental psychology and in how we, as humans, relate to the natural world through our subconscious. 

    Saving the planet starts with each and every one of us taking ourselves seriously!



    Rika Cossey is offering the following services and can be contacted directly if required:

    I offer 1-on-1 coaching for individuals as well as sessions for groups. My services are currently exclusively online via zoom.

    If you want to make lasting and sustainable changes in your life, you need to begin with yourself. I will help you to explore your underlying values, beliefs, and core identity - be that as an individual or as an organisation. With this knowledge in hand, you will be ready to face any changes in life (or business) you want to make.

    Please contact me via my website and I will design a coaching plan according to your personal and individual needs and goals.



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