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Hayan Harb

Business & Life Coach


Areas of Expertise

  • Life Coaching
  • NLP

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Spanish



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Business & Life Coach

Hayan Harb


Member since: 9th July 2020

Last online: 18th January 2022

  • Workshops hosted: 84 (this month: 0)

  • Workshops attended: 233 (this month: 0)

  • Clients helped: 12

  • Hours coached: 76 (this month: 0)

Hello I am Hayan Harb. I have studied Engineering and later obtained an MBA degree. Little did I know that my passion will be in connecting with people and help them achieve what they really want. As a life coach, I help my clients get closer to their goals and dreams. I like to challenge them and question their way of thinking to obtain deeper levels of understanding and more impactful realizations. 



Hayan Harb is offering the following services and can be contacted directly if required:

Life coaching session to find clarity, discover limiting beliefs or understand your core values



MindFreeks is a collaborative platform that encourages collaboration between practitioners. As such, practitioners work together, continue growing with each other, are mentoring each other and continue learning. Here is a list of other practitioners that are vouching for Hayan Harb:

Thomas Eskenazi
Entrepreneur & Life Coach
Stefania Alba-Nova
Transformational Life Coach
My journey through coaching with Hayan goes from sessions defined by learning about myself and building self-confidence to understanding better who I am and what I really want in my life. Having a direction and a reason why I decide to do what I do allows me to have a meaningful life and this is the result of my sessions with Hayan. If you are looking forward to understand better yourself and solve whatever issues are stopping you from having a good quality life, I strongly suggest you to work with Hayan  and improve yourself!
Cesar Yaroslav Valdes Velazquez,
5th of November 2020
Hayan is effective! His approach is sharp and focused, unapologetically. He will make sure you understand yourself, your true self in a very direct and efficient way. Hayan is also empathetic and respectful and will not bring you to a place where you're not ready to go. That said, you won't be able to hide from yourself with Hayan, he will guide you and hold the mirror until you are satisfied with your own answers, with the clarity you needed to get to go where you wanted to go. For some, his style of coaching could be challenging, but for me, it is exactly what I need in times of uncertainty and doubt, when I need to get properly grounded.
Thomas Eskenazi, Entrepreneur & Life Coach
6th of September 2020
I have been coached by Hayan and it was such a deeply insightful experience. By his calm and friendly open attitude and his calm but passionate approach, it is easy to open up to him. He listens between the lines and is able with the use of only a few words to get you to look into certain assumptions or limits you are taking for reality. This was so simple but powerful that in a few sessions he had me in my core where I could see clear and take steps to use my newly gained insights. Next to my coach, he is my dear colleague and I'm so grateful to work with such an inspiring and wise man with so much compassion and always up for a laugh.  
Stefania Alba-Nova, Transformational Life Coach
27th of August 2020