Project Description

Bernard Kates

Transformational Leadership Coach and Mentor


Areas of Expertise

  • Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • CBT

Languages Spoken

  • English



Certifications and Training

  • Mindfulness, Life Coaching, CBT, Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (via Achology)
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Leadership) - Australian Institute of Police Management
  • Critical Incident Stress peer support/first responder
  • Suicide prevention/mental health first aid
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    Transformational Leadership Coach and Mentor

    Bernard Kates


    Member since: 11th February 2021

    Last online: 3rd December 2023

    • Workshops hosted: 67 (this month: 0)

    • Workshops attended: 178 (this month: 2)

    • Clients helped: 16

    • Hours coached: 135 (this month: 0)

    G'day!  I'm Bernard Kates, from NSW, Australia.  I'm a practicing Life Coach and Mentor both to aspiring Life Coaches and to people in many and various executive roles who are working on their own personal and professional development so as to become effective, transformational leaders.

    I bring a wealth of life experience to my practice and I believe that through empowerment comes responsibility – responsibility to live authentically, to live with empathy and non-judgement towards others, to continue to develop ourselves both personally and professionally, to spread this way of life to the world at large and to never miss an opportunity to help those who need it.

    I've moved countries three times, moved house fifteen times, changed jobs more times than I've had hot dinners and I'm currently on my seventh career (but who's counting).  I'm 21 years old (with 40-something years of experience) and I believe that although change is scary the alternative is stagnation.  There are almost always more opportunities than threats arising from change if one embraces it with a positive attitude and a determination to make the best of whatever situation one finds oneself in.

    View the short version of my profile video below, or for a more complete version visit my website, here.



    Bernard Kates is offering the following services and can be contacted directly if required:

    I offer Life Coaching services direct to clients, either one-on-one or in small groups.  I offer Mentoring services to aspiring Coaches to help them build their confidence and continue on their journey of personal and professional development.  I'm a Leadership coach and mentor and offer services to current and aspiring leaders who wish to develop themselves personally and professionally so as to build transformative leadership skills.  I offer peer support to anyone who wishes to get in touch - a non-judgemental, active-listening and supportive friend when you need one, whether that's to help you work through something that's troubling you or if you just want to say hello.  Want to talk?  Don't be shy, contact me!



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